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Thankyou to everyone who sent well wishes and/or celebrated our wedding with us!

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Hi All,

Tori and I are looking to borrow as many FX Lightsabers (the ones which light up and make all the cool sounds) as we can for our wedding.

If you have one (or more) and are willing to lend it to us for Sunday March 30th, we'd be most grateful.

If you can drop me an email to prk (at) we can sort out details.


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Given [ profile] amarillion and I are getting married in 88 days, I think it's about time we did some planning.

Having booked in a ceremony venue, reception venue, and pencilled in a Celebrant, I think it's time we sent off some invitations.

But first we need them designed & printed.

Given the horrific amounts of money we're going to end up spending on the bloody wedding, I'd like to throw as much as possible towards recommended people & businesses within the SF community here in Perth, otherwise look outside the community at recommended people & businesses in Perth.

So, anyone have recommendations? I'd prefer someone we can give an excel spreadsheet to with names and addresses, and have them do the rest, without charging an arm and a leg.

If we do decide to go the DIY way, any suggestions on the best way of doing it?